Partner with us. 🙂

Let’s create a Club together to serve your community and clients.

We can tailor our Coworking Clubs platform and methods to work with any group on any topic. Here are some examples:

You give your clients goals, strategies, tasks, and projects; we help your clients get them done. We’ll give your clients the success tools and daily coaching to support them between sessions with you. CC is a perfect complement providing the “Get-It-Done” and accountability components to online courses, coaching and training programs, mastermind groups, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and online communities and membership sites. If you have enough people, you can create groups under your own name and brand within Coworking Clubs.

Coworking Clubs is a great value-added benefit for coworking spaces to offer their members. CC can be a selling point for new members and increase loyalty and retention. We can create groups just for your space, where your members can all work together online, in addition to in person, increasing their connection with each other and your business. By being part of the Coworking Clubs community, our members will also hear about your coworking space – you may just get some clients from us!

Bring Coworking Clubs inside your company, and instantly create a sustainable success culture for your employees, clients, and customers. CC can improve employee relations and increase productivity, as well as work and personal satisfaction. Coworking Clubs can also be used as a crowdfunding source for start-ups.

Achieve your fundraising goals and deepen the connection donors have with your organization, as you help your donors achieve their goals! Use Coworking Clubs as a fundraiser, or you can bring CC inside your organization to create a success environment for your employees, donors, and those you serve.

Create a study club for your students at your (online or offline) school (high school and above), use it for sports team training, or offer it as an alumni fundraiser and community builder. Our system can help increase student performance and satisfaction. We can create groups just for your school.

Use Coworking Clubs as a way to work more closely and efficiently with your downline and cultivate more successful, high producers or to collaborate with other high producers within or outside of your company. Coworking Clubs can plug into any training programs offered by your company or industry. Create an additional, lucrative stream of income from your network through referrals into Coworking Clubs!

Help your members achieve their health goals by taking daily diet, exercise, and other health steps. We can tailor our platform to create groups for health, fitness, spiritual, and personal development topics. Whether you are a small independent gym or yoga studio, or part of a larger franchise network, Coworking Clubs can create a Club for your location or for your entire network. This can also be an additional income stream for you, and it builds client loyalty and retention, as they get results.

Together we’ll help the people you serve achieve the results they deserve.